Past news

Conspiracy Goes Mainstream: CNBC's Big Brother, BigBusiness
17 November 2006, youtube (video)

Clear Evidence 2006 Congressional Elections Hacked
17 November 2006,, Rob Kall

General Warns of Risks in Iraq if G.I.'s Are Cut:Could lead to an increase in sectarian killings
[Editor's note: As though that won't happen anyway]
16 November 2006,, Michael R. Gordon and Mark Mazzetti

With Politics as Subtext, Senators Clash on Iraq
[Editor's note: What has become of statesmanship?]
16 November 2006,, Kate Zernike

Counting the Vote, Badly
[Editor's note: The Times got this one right!]
16 November 2006,, editorial

Part 1: The Foreign Agent Factor

15 November 2006, Sibel Edmonds

"Ahmadinejad Is Preparing Another Holocaust ForIsrael"
[Editor's note: Benjamin Netanyahu fans flames of fear]
15 November 2006,, Blake Fleetword

Dozens Abducted in Brazen Raid on Iraq Ministry
[Editor's note: The situation looks like complete chaos]
15 November 2006,, John F. Burns and Michael Luo

Blair, Clinton and Democrats Hold Meetings With IraqPanel
[Editor's note: But will Bush listen to reason?]
15 November 2006,, Sheryl Gay Stolberg

CIA acknowledges Bush signed secret directive oninterrogating terror suspect
[Editor's note: It's too much to expect the President not to lie aboutthis]
15 November 2006,, David Johnston

The New Congress: Falling in Line on Israel
15 November 2006,, Stephen Zunes

Baghdad: The New Saigon?
14 November 2006,, Patrick Buchanan

Definition of "enemy combatant" broadened
14 November 2006, AP

Don't Look for Much From the "Bipartisan" Iraq StudyGroup
[Editor's note: An intelligence expert's assessment]
14 November 2006,, Ray McGovern

Barrett Leaving UW
14 November 2006,

For Evangelicals, Supporting Israel Is ‘God’s ForeignPolicy’
[Editor's note: Religion appears to be warping foreign policy]
14 November 2006,, David D. Kirkpatrick

No cakewalk in the park? [Editor's note: BomingIran could prove unwise]
13 November 2006,, Arnaud de Borchgrave

Olmert hints at possible military action against Iran
13 November 2006,, Aluf Benn

Democrats Push for Troop Cuts Within Months
13 November 2006,, Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Mark Mazzetti

Pelosi Endorses Murtha as Next Majority Leader
13 November 2006,, Jonathan Weisman

Albright speaks at Sundance about Bush and Iraq
12 November 2006,, Caleb Warnock

Despite Billions Spent, Rebuilding Incomplete
12 November 2006,, Griff Witte

IsraeliSnipers Killing US Troops In Iraq
[Editor's note: This is sick if this is true]
11 November 2006,, Joanna Francis and CNN

Gerald Ford's Role in the JFK Assassination Cover-up
[Editor's note: Things you won't hear from the MSM]
11 November 2006,, Don Fulsom

Powerful GAO report confirms key 2004 stolen electionfindings [Editor's note: A dated report that confirms our worstsuspicions]
26 October 2005,, Bob Fitrakis & Harvey Wasserman

High-powermicrowave system employing a phase-locked array of inexpensivecommercial magnetrons
[Editor's note: A patent to turn microwave ovens into leathal weapons]
21 September 2006,, Robert Achenbach et al.

FEMA Concentration Camps: Locations and ExecutiveOrders [Editor's note: Ponder the significance of this chillingreport]
3 September 2006, Friends of Liberty

BRAM group is tabbed to rewire WTC
[Editor's note: Cover for preping the buildings?]
6 June 2001, Real Estate Weekly

Science Ignored, Again
14 October 2006,, Editorial

The United States as Defined by the Founding Fathers No Longer Exists
12 October 2006,, Paul Craig Roberts

American Prison Camps Are on the Way
11 October 2006,, Marjorie Cohn

DC Trouser Treats: Washington's Pedophilia in the "National Interest"
8 October 2006, milkhouse-mouse.blogspot (commentary)

Bush cites authority to bypass FEMA law:
Signing statement is employed again
6 October 2006, Globe Staff, Charlie Savage

Are you an "unlawful combatant"? Maybe so.
6 October 2006,, Justin Raimondo

Bush says he can edit security reports
5 October 2006,, Leslie Miller

Criticizing Cheney to His Face Is Assault?
4 October 2006,, Matthew Rothschild

Ten Reasons You Will Not Recognize America in Ten Years
3 October 2006,, Bill_Losapio

Arrest over Cheney barb triggers lawsuit
3 October 2006,, Charlie Brennan

A Shameful Retreat from American Values
2 October 2006,, Garrison Keillor

Iran War Plan Exposed:
"False Flag" Attack on the Enterprise to Manipulate Americans
30 September 2006,, Hal Turner Show

Torture Bill Gives Bush Retroactive War Crimes Immunity
29 September 2006, You Tube, Cafferty (video)

Detainee Measure to Have Fewer Restrictions --White House Reaches Accord With Lawmakers
26 September 2006, R. Jeffrey Smith

Spy Agencies Say Iraq War Worsens Terror Threat
24 September 2006,, Mark Mazzetti

AP Propaganda About Iraq
22 September 2006, Truthout, Dahr Jamail

Bill Clinton warns against wide torture approval
21 September 2006,, Randall Mikkelsen

Canadian police errors led to man's torture-probe
18 September 2006,, Reuters

Where is the evidence?
14 September 2006, Paul Craig Roberts

IAEA Protests "Erroneous" US Report on Iran
14 September 2006, Reuters, Mark Heinrich

Dobbs: Patience favors the enemy in Iraq and Afghanistan
13 September 2006,, Lou Dobbs (opinion)

Palast Charged with Journalism in the First Degree
12 September 2006, Greg Palst

Air Force chief: Test weapons on testy U.S. mobs
12 September 2006., usaf.weapons

No Planes Theory: R.I.P.
12 September 2006, georgewashington.blogspot

CNN marks fifth anniversary of the 2001 events
11 September 2006 to replay 9/11 attack coverage.

9/11 was an 'inside job' to justify invasion of oil-rich Arab countries: US scientists
6 September 2006,, ANI

The 9/11 Commission: A Play on Nothing in Three Acts
5 September 2006,, Sibel Edmonds & Bill Weaver

911 Redux: Where is That Decoder Ring When We Need It?
5 September 2006,, Danny Schechter

The War Is Lost
5 September 2006,, Paul Craig Roberts

Father of 9/11 Victim Says Government Ran Attack
4 September 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson

Agency Wants FAA Execs Disciplined Over 9/11
2 September 2006, REUTERS

9/11 skeptics challenge WTC findings
1 September 2006,, Justin Rocket Silverman

U.S. moves to debunk 'alternative theories' on 9/11
1 September 2006,, Jim Dwyer

Towers of Deception: The Media Cover-Up of 9/11. Searching for truth in the rubble
31 August 2006, Ventura Country Reporter, Matthew Singer

Keith Olbermann: There Is Fascism, Indeed (commentary), (video)
31 August 2006,

US Army Contemplates Brutally Redrawing Middle East Map
31 August 2006,, Nafeez Ahmed

Bush's cruel and degrading presidency
19 September 2006,, Mike Whitney

Five Years Later: The Official Story Falls Apart
19 September 2006,, Sander Hicks

9/11 Was a Conspiracy!
18 September 2006,, Butler Shaffer

August terror plot is a 'fiction' underscoring police failures
18 September 2006,, Nafeez Ahmed

NSA Bill Performs a Patriot Act
16 September 2006, Wired Magazine, Ryan Singel

ISRAEL PUSHING U.S. TO BOMB IRAN: Israelis say they'll attack if US, UK refuse to act
16 September 2006,, Mike Blair

15 September 2006,

9/11 Toxic Dust Whistleblower Raided By SWAT Team
15 September 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson

9/11, Propaganda, and You (opinion)
14 September 2006,, Joseph Murtagh

Letter from Ground Zero: Emotional Intelligence and 9/11 Truth
12 September 2006,, Kevin Barrett

CNN: Film Tackles 9/11 'Conspiracy'
12 September 2006,, "Loose Change"

With 9/11 Film, Kean Finds Tough Critic in Hamilton
12 September 2006,, Dana Milbank

Worried CIA Officers Buy Legal Insurance
11 September 2006, Washington Post

Olbermann to Bush at Ground Zero: 'May This Country Forgive You'
11 September 2006,, Kieth Olbermann

Movie: New "9/11 Press for Truth" review
11 September 2006,, Michael Collins

9/11 Debate: Loose Change Filmmakers vs. Popular Mechanics Editors
11 September 20006,, Amy Goodman

Poll: More Americans blame Bush for 9/11
11 September 20006,

The Nexus of Politics and Terror
15 August 2006, "Countedown" with Keith Olbermann (youtube)

Pitch Black Void: Freefall
15 August 2006, informationclearinghouse, Manuel Valenzuela

The role of fake media in a near-fascist society
15 August 2006,, Anthony Wade

The Pols Who Cried Wolf (opinion)
14 August 2006,, Molly Ivins

Is conspiracy a war crime?
14 August 2006,, Warren Richey

4 August 2006,, Bill Christison

Gullible Americans
14 August 2006,, Paul Craig Roberts

Israel Defeated
14 August 2006,, Justin Raimondo

Terror suspects not guilty, wife says
13 August 2006, Associated Press, Jamie Stengle

U.S., U.K. at odds over timing of arrests
12 August 2006, NBC NewsAram Roston, Lisa Myers, NBC News

MUCKRAKER REPORT EXCLUSIVE: Government refuses to authenticate bin Laden "confession video"
11 August 2006,, Ed Haas

The Pentagon's "Second 911"
11 August 2006,, Michael Chossudovsky

Former NSA Official: Terror Plot Cooked Up
by Bush Blair Mafia
11 August 2006, waynemadsenreport

Stone's Stupendous Masterpiece Raises Disturbing Questions
11 August 2006,, Ed Rampell

Arrests Bolster G.O.P. Bid to Claim Security as Issue
11 August 2006,, Adam Nagourney

Synthetic Terror Alert for Hawaii
11 August 2006,

Plan Was to Sneak Liquid Explosives on Planes
11 August 2006,, Alan Cowell and Dexter Filkins

AIPAC Espionage Case Dismissal Gambit Fails
11 August 2006,, Grant F. Smith

19 Suspects in British Terror Plot ID'd
11 August 2006,, Robert Barr

Demanding Accountability: The Government's 9/11 Facade is Crumbling
10 August 2006,

Debunking Popular Mechanics' 9/11 Lies
10 August 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson

Red Alert For Staged Government Terror Attack: Terror alert a trial balloon for invasion of Iran, World War III
10 August 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson

Statement by Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff
10 August 2006. Department of Homeland Security

Response to "A critical analysis of the collapses of WTC towers 1, 2 and 7 from an explosives and conventional demolition industry viewpoint", Part 1
9 Aug 2006,, Spooked

Big church publisher buys 9-11 Bush plot
9 Aug 2006,

The New American Insurgency (opinion)
9 August 2006,, Cathy Garger

9/11 Hit Pieces Get Just Plain Stupid: Part 1
9 August 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson

9/11 Commission Chairmen Admit to Whitewash
8 August 2006,, Ivan Eland

Academics fill grassy knoll spot abandoned by Oliver Stone
8 August 2006,, Richard Roeper

Why We Don’t Know Our Enemy
8 Aug 2006,, Robert Scheer

Birth Pangs of a New Christian Zionism
8 August 2006,, Max Blumenthal

New Oliver Stone 9/11 Film Introduces 'Single Plane' Theory
8 Aug 2006,

New & unkown deadly weapons used by Israeli forces: Directed-energy weapons, chemical and/or biological agents
7 August 2006,, Paola Manduca

911 Truth Movement: Focus or die (opinion)
6 August 2006,, D. L. Abrahamson

No Conspiracy Theories in the Heartland
6 August 2006,, Chrish

Reuters admits image of Beirut after IAF strike was doctored
6 Aug 2006,, Assaf Uni

9/11 conspiracy theorists energized
Five years later, purveyors claim academic momentum
6 Aug 2006,, AP

9/11 conspiracy theorists thriving
6 Aug 2006, AP Justin Pope

Conspiracy theorists blog that Flight 93 photo is fake
6 August 2006, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Caitlin Cleary

State to simulate nuclear terror attack
6 August 2006, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Gregg K. Kakesako

A terrible thought occurs to me - that there will be another 9/11
5 Aug 2006,, Robert Fisk

Americans, Iraqis and Congress Serve Rumsfeld Notice: Quit!
5 August 2006,, Frank J. Ranelli

4 August 2006,, Hope Yen

Mounting Public Opinion Forces Fox into Retreat
4 August 2006,, Aaron Dykes

Is the government to blame for Sept. 11?
4 Aug 2006, Anderson Independent-Mail, Samantha Epps

Indian state bans soft drinks after Coke, Pepsi gets toxic label
4 August 2006,>

NG Begins Work On Dedicated Facility For High-Energy, Solid-State Laser System
4 Aug 2006, Northrop Grumman

The Sound of One Domino Falling
4 Aug 2006, New York Times, editorial

The US's geopolitical nightmare
9 May 2006, asiantimes, F. William Engdahl

Tapes show confusion in U.S. military on 9/11
3 Aug 2006, New York Times, Philip Shenon

Sept. 11 Investigations Still Going On
3 Aug 2006,, AP

Proof that the 9/11 Commission didn't do its job and evidence it doesn't care
3 Aug 2006,, Andrew Bard Schmookler

14 September 2006,, Fool Me Once

Ah, Those Conspiracy Theories
14 September 2006, Waco Tribune-Herald, John Young

"Loose Change" on Paula Zahn
13 September 2006, Google video

Pyroclastic Flows - 9/11's 'Smoking Gun'
13 September 2006, Blog

9/11: Why the Official Theory Has Collapsed (opinion)
13 September 2006,, Alvin Revere

Venezuela's Chavez says Bush planned 9/11 attacks
13 September 2006, RAW STORY (video)

BYU's 'Conspiracy' Professor Getting New Support
13 September 2006, KUTV

How 50 Men May Have Engineered 911
12 September 2006,, Douglas Herman

Is American Democracy Too Feeble To Deal With 9/11?
10 September 2006, Paul Craig Roberts

9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Gather in N.Y.
10 September 2006,, Ellen Barry

Where was Osama on September 11, 2001?
9 September 2006,, Michel Chossudovsky

9/11: Scientific Fact versus Political Fiction: Opinion
9 September 2006. American Buddhist Net News, Alvin Revere

The disbelievers: 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Building Their Case Against the Government From Ground Zero
8 September 2006,, Michael Powell

Senate: Saddam Saw al-Qaida as Threat
8 September 8 2006, Associated Press, Jim Abrams

Was Homeland Security behind attack on 9/11 investigative journalist?
8 September 2006,, Christopher Bollyn

Bin Laden Tape Betrays 'Phony Hijacker' Contradiction: Target is "U.S. home audience"
8 September 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson

9/11 conspiracy theorists multiply: Many Americans suspect U.S. government involvement or complicity
8 September 2006, The Washington Post, Helayne Seidman

28-Year Career CIA Official Says 9/11 An Inside Job: Highlights missing Pentagon trillions as potential motive
7 September 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson

9/11 Polls Find Lingering Fears in New York City
7 September 2006,, Robin Toner and Marjorie Connelly

Recapping the War for Oil Program in Iraq
7 September 2006,, Ed Haas

Study: 7 out of 10 WTC rescuers have suffered lung problems
6 September, 2006,

Why the Media Embraced 9/11 Truth
6 September 2006,, Henry Makow

Fury as academics claim 9/11 was 'inside job'
6 September 2006,, Daily Mail

Professor's 9/11 theories outrage NH leaders
27 August 2006,, Staff Report

Army officer rejects defense that Bush's acts were illegal and the war is immoral
25 August 2006,, Gregg K. Kakesako>

A Fixation With Secrecy The Bush administration's secrecy fixation is a threat to democracy and an insult to honest history.
28 August 2006,, editorial

What Is the Latest Thing to Be Discouraged About? The Rise of Pessimism
28 August 2006,, Adam Cohen

Shipping-Corridor Deal Cuts Heart Out of Heartland
7 August 2006,, Phyllis Schlafly

Profiting from new serf mentality
6 Aug 2006,, Froma Harrop

Killing for Peace:
"Premature" ceasefires and other wacky nonsense
6 Aug 2006 ,, Al Ulthman

Governors Object to Bush's Guard Plan
6 August 2006,, Robert Tanner

Military Waste In Our Drinking Water
4 Aug 2006, AlterNet, Sunaura Taylor and Astra Taylor

Bush Seeks Retroactive Immunity From US War Crimes Prosecution
3 August 2006, dailykos

Lobbying for Armageddon
3 Aug 2006, AlterNet, Sarah Posner

North American Aerospace Defense Combat Operations Center To Be Mothballed
3 Aug 2006,, John C.K. Daly

Gonzales pushes lenient hearsay rules
3 Aug 2006, Associated Press Writer, Anne Plummer Flaherty

Debate seeks advocates of official government account of 9/11
2 August 2006, muckraker report, Ed Haas

Plague of Plastic Chokes the Seas
2 August 2006,, Kenneth R. Weiss

Writings of a Finnish Military Expert on 9/11
2 Aug 2006,, Finnish Military Expert

9/11 Panel Suspected Deception by Pentagon Allegations Brought to Inspectors General
2 Aug 2006, Washington Post, Dan Eggen

Bush is signing away our checks and balances
2 Aug 2006, Chicago Sun-Times

Signing Statements Strike a Nerve
2 Aug 2006,, Dan Froomkin

Lung damage seen in 9/11 rescuers
1 August 2006,

A Skeptic on 9/11 Prompts Questions on Academic Freedom
1 August 2006, The New York Times, Gretchen Ruethling

The Fast Lane To Fascism: A Review of John Dean's"Conservatives Without Conscience"
1 Aug 2006, The Crisis Papers, Bernard Weiner

OAKLAND : Police spies chosen to lead war protest
28 Jul. 2006, San Francisco Chronicle, Demian Bulw

A Primeval Tide of Toxins
31 July 2006,

All that's given up in the name of security
31 Jul 2006,, Sibel Edmonds & William Weaver

U.S. begins building treaty-breaching
germ war defence centre
31 July 2006, The Guardian (UK), Julian Borger

Following Zakheim and Pentagon trillions to Isreal and 9/11
31 July 2006,, Jerry Mazza

Rev. John Hagee's War: The Manchurian Clergyman
30 Jul 2006,, Werther

Iran is Bush's Target in Lebanon
30 July 2006, Los Angeles Times, Doyle McManus

Iran cements warm ties to Venezuela
30 July 2006,, Alireza Ronaghi

How Israel Could Destroy Itself:
Delusional Expectations
29-30 July 2006, counterpunch, JOHN CHUCKMAN

Why Won't Right Wing Refute Barrett's 9/11 Views
With Facts' Of Their Own?
29 July 2006, The Capital Times, Editorial

Birth Pangs: Welcome to the gates of hell and madness
27 Jul 2006, CommonWonders, Robert C. Koehler

Tower block fire aids 9/11 debate:
WTC should have "withstood burnout"
26 Jul 2006,

Former NSA Director:
"By any measure the US has long used terrorism"
26 Jul 2006,

UN attack looks deliberate: Annan
26 Jul 2006,, Correspondents in Rome

9/11 Tower Recreation: Building Does Not Collapse
26 Jul 2006,, Evening Times-Glasgow

Public Benefits of Government Conspiracy Theories
26 July 2006,, Rolf Lindgren

NSA's Illegal Warrantless Wiretapping Update
26 Jul 2006, Congressman John Conyers, Jr.

The infallible president
26 Jul 2006,,  Sidney Blumenthal

Jonathan Schell on Bush's Failed Empire
26 Jul 2006,, Jonathan Schell

Sen. Specter preparing bill to sue Bush over 'signing statements'
25 Jul 2006, The Associated Press

O'Reilly interviews Nass about Barrett (video)
25 Jul 2006, FOX News, "The O'Reilly Factor"

Iraqi death squads latest challenge for U.S. military
25 Jul 2006, Los Angeles Times, Borzou Daragahi & Julian Barnes

Civilians bear fear, injuries, death, grief:
Fleeing families, ambulances hit in rocket attacks
25 Jul 2006, The Associated Press, Kathy Gannon

A 'New' Mideast? W's or Osama's
24 Jul 2006,, Robert Parry

Conspiracy Theories 101 (opinion)
23 Jul 2006, The New York Times, STANLEY FISH

Jordan accused of torturing suspects for U.S.
23 Jul 2006,, AP

The Shame of Being an American
22 Jul 2006,, Paul Craig Roberts

What makes Kevin Barrett tick?
UW lecturer just doesn't believe the government
22 Jul 2006, The Capital Times, Aaron Nathans

Kevin Barrett Appears On 'For The Record' (video)
Controversial Instructor Speaks About His 9/11 Views, UW Course
22 Jul 2006,, Adam Malecek, Staff Writer

Conspiracy Theories 101 (opinion)
22 Jul 2006, The New York Times, Stanley Fish

Dear President Bush…
Here’s How To Halt This Horror
22-23 Jul 2006, counterpunch.or, Ralph Nader

Tel Aviv: Thousands rally against war
22 Jul 2006,, Attila Somfalvi

Let's get off the paper trail
21 Jul 2006,, Mark Crispin Miller

Controversial Sign:
21 Jul 2006, ABC TV, Richmond, VA

Teacher under fire for his Cheney-9/11 theory
State legislators demand college bar him
from teaching Islam course
21 Jul 2006,, Associated Press

FOX Commentator Threatens 9/11 Activist:
O'Reilly suggests he should be "floating in the river"
21 Jul 2006,, Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Israel set war plan more than a year ago
21 Jul 2006, San Francisco Chronicle, Matthew Kalman

Who are the heroes?
21 Jul 2006, georgewashington.blogspot

The Shadow Report
A little comeuppance for our trillion-watt arrogance
20 Jul 2006,, Robert C. Koehler

Enjoying the Academic Freedom to Be an Idiot (opinion)
20 Jul 2006, The American Thinker, Rick Moran

Matthews, Buchanan slam neocons for Mideast
'warmongering' (video)
20 Jul 2006,, David Edwards

UPDATED: Ellsberg Predicts Bush Regime
Will Institute Police State, With Mass Detentions,
Following Another 9/11
19 Jul 2006,, Kevin Smith and Alex Jones

Pentagon Papers Author Daniel Ellsberg Says
Government May Have Carried Out 9/11
19 Jul 2006, infowars, Kevin Smith and Alex Jones

Where are the Christians? (opinion)
18 Jul 2006, WorldNetDaily, Pat Buchanan

How George Bush has weakened America, and how that explains why the world is falling apart
18 Jul 2006,, Andrew Bard Schmookler

Click Here for Conspiracy
17 Jul 2006,, NANCY JO SALES

We're Being Set Up for Wider War in the Middle East
17 Jul 2006,, Paul Craig Roberts

The Insane Brutality of the State of Israel
17 Jul 2006,, Katheleen Christison

Israel Said Using DU, Poison Gas On Lebanese
17 Jul 2006,, Wayne Madsen

Beware Isreali False Flag Ops Planned Via Cheney
Hold IDF, Mossad, Shin Beth Responsible For 25,000 Americans In Lebanon
16 Jul 2006,, Webster G. Tarpley

Now as a Comic Book: The 9/11 Commission Report
16 Jul 2006, Washington Post, Bravetta Hassell

WND Federal Reserve: U.S. headed for bankruptcy
Report: Coming $65.9 trillion fiscal gap
16 Jul 2006,

Wildly disproportionate attack on Lebanon
seems like pretext to confront Iran
16 Jul 2006,, Linda McQuaig

America Haters
16 Jul 2006, gerogewashington's blog

Local woman explains conspiracy views of 9/11
Pfeif sued Herald over the issue
15 Jul 2006,, Alex Ritzenberg

Attention deficit Americans are being misled to war
15 Jul 2006,, Paul Craig Roberts

Mutually Assured Destruction in the Middle East
15 Jul 2006, TruthDig, Chris Hedges

Old news with new meaning:
War game will focus on situation with Iran
15 Jul 2006, 18 April 2006, USA TODAY, Matt Kelley

Israel Makes Its 'Clean Break'
15 Jul 2006,, Karen Kwiatkowski

US, Israel Push World To Brink of World War
14 Jul 2006, onlinejournal, Larry Chin

Corporate Media Faithfully Spins Lebanese Mass Murder
14 Jul 2006,, Kurt Nimmo

Gruesome Scenes after Israeli Air Raids on South Lebanon
14 Jul 2006, Jordan Times, Jihad Siqlawi

In defense of the conspiratorial world view
13 Jul 2006,, Jay Esbe (opinion)

The Government Is Losing Its Reason
13 Jul 2006, Haaretz Editorial

Wounded to the soul
Fasting as a way to protest war and violence
13 Jul 2006,, Robert C. Koehler

Nass still seeking Barrett's removal
13 Jul 2006,, Phil Brinkman

Exposing the 9/11 Conspiracy Wingnuts
13 Jul 2006,, Bill Douglas

Israel Launches Military Assault on Lebanon
13 Jul 2006, World Socialist Web Site, Chris Marsden

It Seems Israel Planned Deliberate
Provocation of Hamas and Hizbollah
13 Jul 2006, Damian Lataan

Interview with April Gallop
13 July 2006, georgewashington's blog

Crying Terrorist
13 July 2006, the Los Angeles Times, Patt Morrison

An open letter from Ohio to the people of Mexico
13 July 2006,, Bob Fitrakis, Harvey Wasserman

US intelligence ties to Mumbai 7/11
13 Jul 2006,, Larry Chin

Israel's Shameful Attack on Gaza
12 Jul 2006, Online Journal, Mike Whitney

"Never Again" Gone Mad In Israel
12 Jul 2006, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Sandy Tolan

Editorial: Fiction and Fact at UW
12 July 2006, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel

The Gaza Sea Weeps Blood
11 June 2006,

The 9/11 Faith Movement
11 Jul 2006,,  Terry J. Allen

One Nation Under Siege
11 Jul 2006, undersiegemovie, William Lewis Film

Fox News Spin Attack Ends With Red-Faced Anchors:
9/11 truth scholar Fetzer anticipated slant of Hannity and Colmes spot
11 July 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson

King George, We're Takin' Our Country Back
10 Jul 2006,, Jerry Tenuto

Provost review clears Barrett to teach class on Islam
10 Jul 2006,

A Republic or an Empire?
10 Jul 2006,, Paul Craig Roberts

The US's geopolitical nightmare
9 May 2006, asiantimes, F. William Engdahl

Picking Up the Missing Pieces in the Hoekstra Story
10 Jul 2006,, goverup1 

Hoekstra: Bush Hiding More Unchecked Spy Programs
9 Jul 2006,, John Amato (video)

Is It Huxley? Orwell?
Or Something a Whole Lot Worse?
9 Jul 2006,, Joseph Bosco

Lame duck poop
9 Jul 2006,, Ed Naha

Lecturer denounces critics of his 9-11 teachings
9 Jul 2006,, Megan Twohey

Loose Change Creators Receive 4 Page Spread
in Next Month's Vanity Fair
8 Jul 2006, Aug 2006 issue, Vanity Fair, Nancy Jo Sales

American flag needs washing after being
dirtied by politicians
8 Jul 2006, Athens Banner-Herald, Ed Tant

Planes of 911 Exceeded Their Software Limits
8 Jul 2006,, Jim Heikkila

Churchill's ashes still hot;
Barrett next to be burned at stake
7 Jul 2006, Online Journal , Cathy Garger

Cheney really wants U.S. dictator
7 Jul 2006,, Andrew Greeley

American Dream: The Fleeting Lights of Freedom
7 Jul 2006,, Chris Floyd 

Call for rally stirs fears of unrest in Mexico
7 July 2006, FinancialTimes, Adam Thomson

6 July 2006, UPI, Martin Sieff

I Am Angry
5 Jul 2006,, Susan Fassanella

Le Monde diplomatique: "9/11 - an Inside Job?"
5 July 2006,, Vesa

This War Is Based on Denial
5 July 2006,, Paul Craig Roberts

Is Cheney betting on economic collapse?
5 Jul 2006,, Mike Whitney

You swore on the Bible: An open letter to the members of Congress
5 Jul 2006,, Andrew Bard Schmookler

Criminal Charges Filed Against George H.W. Bush in Iceland
4 July 2006,

The myth of terrorism
4 Jul 2006,, Larry C. Johnson

CIA Closes Unit Focused on Captuer of bin Laden
4 Jul 2006, The New York Times, Mark Mazzetti

Scholars for 9/11 Truth under Attack
3 July 2006,

Stealing Mexico Before Your Very Eyes
3 Jul 2006, Matt Pascarella and Greg Palast

Change in Venue or Date will not Alter Decision
3 Jul 2006, MUCKRAKER REPORT, Edward F. Haas

Britons see US as vulgar empire builder
3 Jul 2006,, Ben Fenton

3 Jul 2006, The Guardian, Matt Pascarella in Mexico City
Greg Palast in London

3 Jul 2006,, Matt Pascarella in Mexico City
Greg Palast in London

Visibility 911 Interviews Kevin Barrett
Attacked after being on the Jessica McBride radio talk show
2 Jul 2006, Visibility911,  (mp3-41MB)  (mp3-41 MB)

Pentagon sees Iran bombing as unsuccessful: report
2 Jul 2006, Reuters

Letter to the Editor,
1 Jul 2006, Russ and Bonnie Gerst

The Defining Event of our Times : POPPYCOCK
1 Jul 2006,, Morley Evans

Professor Jim Fetzer on Hannity & Colmes
1 Jul,, Victor Thorn

Bush's assault on freedom: What's to stop him?
1 Jul 2006,, Paul Craig Roberts

Former Reagan Cabinet Member Says 
9/11 "Dog That Doesn't Hunt"
Col. Ronald D. Ray astounded at official "conspiracy theory"
1 Jul 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

Treason at the New York Times!
1 Jul 2006,, Larry Beinhart

Has this country gone completely insane?
1 Jul 2006,, Mike Ferner

A Revised Letter to the Editor,
Chronicle of Higher Education
1 Jul 2006, James H. Fetzer

No more blind trust in unverifiable elections
30 June 2006,, Dave Berman

30 Jul 2006,, Greg Palast

Partial Transcript (transcriptor unknown):
Laura Ingraham Interviews Jim Fetzer 
30 Jun 2006,

30 Jun 2006,, Walter C. Uhler

Derailing Dictator Dubya
30 Jun 2006,, Bob Burnett

Lawmaker Wants UW Lecturer Fired Over 9/11 Views
Expressed Views On Milwaukee Radio Show 
30 Jun 2006, (poll)

Proof That 'Flight 77' Eyewitness Report Skewed
30 Jun 2006,, Paul Joseph Wilson

Depleted uranium turns Bush's lies into high-tech horror
29 June 2006, Tribune Media Servies, Robert C. Koehler

Firing of UW lecturer urged for 9/11 comments
30 Jun 2006, Wisconsin State Jounral, Danielle Corcoran

FBI says, 'No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11'
29 Jun 2006,, Paul V. Sheridan

9/11 Claim Stirs University of Wisconsin Probe
Instructor says U.S. planned the attacks to provoke war
29 Jun 2006,, Megan Twohey

Lou Dobbs On The Electronic Voting Crisis:
A Single Person Could Swing an Election
29 Jun 2006, The Washington Post, Zachary A. Goldfarb

'Elections Can be Outright Stolen and 
No One Would Ever Know.It's Incredible'
29 Jun 2006,, Lou Dobbs

29 Jun 2006,, Brad Friedman (flash)  (wmv)

FBI says, 'No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11'
29 Jun 2006,, Ed Haas

LA Conference Lays Case for Gov Involvement in 9/11
28 June 2006,, Dr. Joe Hawkins

The Man who Thought he Knew Too Much
28 Jun 2006,, Mike Mosedale

New York Times and neocons bury 9/11 truth movement
28 Jun 2006, The Rock River Times (opinion)

Debunking the Myth of Al Qaeda
28 Jun 2006,, Michael Hirsh

A Response to on 9/11
28 Jun 2006,, Bill Douglas

National Defense Minister of Canada; 
Paul Hellyer comments on 9/11/2001 (mov)

The 9/11 deniers  (opinion)
27 Jun 2006,, Farhad Manjoo

Seeing isn't believing
27 Jun 2006, The Guardian, UK

Analysis finds e-voting machines vulnerable
27 Jun 2006, USA TODAY, Andrea Stone

`American Dream' turning into a nightmare
27 Jun 2006, The Star, Richard Gwyn

Bush goes after The New York Times
27 Jun 2006,, Matthew Rothschild

An Amazing Coincidence
26 June 2006,

Meet The Eight "Crazies" Who Hate Your Freedom
26 Jun 2006,, Alec Paine 

TDS: The Miami Seven
26 Jun 2006, The Daily Show, Jon Stewart  (video)

Pre-War Intelligence: Three Words: The Vice President
26 Jun 2006,, C-SPAN3  (video)

Bush is not incompetent
26 Jun 2006,, Lakoff, Ettlinger & Ferguson

A call to investigate the 2004 election
26 Jun 2006, the Boston Globe, Steven F. Freeman and Joel Bleifuss

Fool Me Twice 
26 Jun 2006,, Colonel Daniel Smith

9/11 Skeptics Share Theories
26 Jun 2006,

L.A. 9/11 Truth Conference Gets Fair Media Play
Conference a huge success, C-SPAN to air segments this week
26 Jun 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson

"Aspirational Rather than Operational" 
- 7 Arrested in Miami Terror Plot
26 Jun 2006,   (rm)  (mp3)

Deprogramming the Bush Cult: Understanding 9/11 Anxiety, Avoiding a National Jonestown
26 Jun 2006,, Kevin Barrett

Panel Discussion, LA American Scholars Symposium
25 June 2006, (video)

Top 10 Reasons the Hijackers are Fake
25 June 2006, LA Symposium, Jim Fetzer

The minimum wages of fear
25 Jun 2006,, Ed Naha

9/11 conspiracy theorists gather at LA conference
25 Jun 2006,, Jill Serjeant

9/11 Conference is International News 
25 Jun 2006,, Reuters

Mark Twain's writing should resonate with all Americans today
25 Jun 2006, Athens Banner-Herald, Ed Tant

9/11 Conference is International News 
25 Jun 2006,, Reuters

Mark Twain's writing should resonate with all Americans today
25 Jun 2006, Athens Banner-Herald, Ed Tant

Ex-CIA Agent Says He Tried to Warn on Iraq Mobile WMD Story
25 Jun 2006,, Reuters

Terrorism Myth: The "War on Terrorism" is 
a flourishing business for the corporate world
25 Jun 2006, Centre Research Globalisation, Mahboob Khawaja

FBI Exploits Mentally Ill in "Homegrown" Terrorism Effort
25 Jun 2006,, Kurt Nimmo

Top 10 Reasons the Hijackers are Fake
25 June 2006, LA Symposium, Jim Fetzer   (pt1) (pt2)
Big Explosion at the World Trade Center
24 Jun 2006, BBC, Steven Evans  (9/11 video)

Several past incidents more hoax than threat
24 Jun  2006, Chicago Sun-Times, AP

Disgusting Iran-Contra Criminal Grills Jim Fetzer
23 Jun 2006,, Kurt Nimmo

Filmmaker Alex Jones: Charlie Sheen to Appear Saturday at 9/11 Truth Conference in Downtown Los Angeles
23 Jun 2006,

"Terror Storm" 
23 Jun 2006,, Alex Jones
(1 hr 52 min) (google video)

The Road to Guantanamo Movie Review
'Guantanamo' is a chilling story of cruelty and endurance
23 Jun 2006, Boston Globe, Wesley Morris

Mineta to quit as Transportation Secretary
23 Jun 2006, Associated Press, Jennifer Loven

Kicking open the gates of Hell
23 Jun 2006,, Mike Whitney 

They're right. We're wrong.
22 Jun 2006,, Ed Naha

Victims' Families Say Gov't Secrecy Keeping 9/11 Truth Hidden
22 Jun 2006,, Associated Press

Where's the outrage over Bush's election fraud?
22 Jun 2006,, Randolph T. Holhut

Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway
12 Jun 2006, humaneventsonline, Jerome R. Corsi

Texas Segment of NAFTA Super Highway Nears Construction
21 Jun 2006, humaneventsonline, Jerome R. Corsi

NIST in violation of the Data Quality Act
21 Jun 2006,

"Cut and Run": A Winning Slogan and Strategy if 
the Democrats are Serious About Wanting to Win 
21 Jun 2006,

Bush's Baghdad Palace
20 Jun 2006, The Nation, Nicholas von Hoffman

The Real Reason we Invaded Iraq (opinion)
20 Jun 2006, velvelonnationalaffairs, Lawrence R. Velvel (orig. here)

"Frontline" documentary makes case that 
Cheney used 9/11 to go to war
20 Jun 2006, Seattle Times, Mark Rahner

Professors of Paranoia?
23 Jun 2006,, JOHN GRAVOIS

Mobbing 9/11: Gravois as Screech Owl, Part I
19 Jun 2006, reprehensor, (or here)

Mobbing 9/11: Gravois as Screech Owl, Part II
20 Jun 2006, reprehensor, (orhere)

Mobbing 9/11: Gravois as Screech Owl, Part III
21 Jun 2006, S9/11T, Jim Fetzer

BYU Physics Prof Finds Thermate in WTC Physical Samples, Building Collapses an Inside Job
20 Jun 2006,, Jacob Mamblin

FBI Erred Widely in Moussaoui Probe, Report Says
20 Jun 2006, Washington Post, Jerry Markon and Dan Eggen

For Purely Political Reasons, No Major Release Of 
Prisoners Held At Gitmo And Other Prisons (opinion)
19 Jun 2006,, Lawrence R. Velvel (

Mike Berger from on Scarborough Country 
19 Jun 2006,, Youtube stream, 13MB (WMV)  15MB(mp4)

Some might call it treason
19 Jun 2006,, Mark Crispin Miller

Bush's high stakes war - against the American people
19 Jun 2006,, Richard A. Stitt

Sixteen Bold Moves We Can Use
19 Jun 2006, , Stephen Pizzo

Who Will Be Left Behind?
18 Jun 2006,, Ezekiel Jones

All the president's men and their fascist minds
18 Jun 2006,, Adel Safty

whatreallyhappened. com

'Wash Post' Obtains Shocking Memo 
from U.S. Embassy in Baghdad
18 Jun 2006, Washington Post, Greg Michell

A long road ahead in Iraq (opinion)
18 Jun 2006, A New York Times Editorial

Fox anchor asks FBI official if American 
government fakes terrorist documents 
17 Jun 2006, Raw Story

US divided by superhighway plan
16 Jun 2006, Scotsman, Craig Howie

The Name Is Kafka . . . Franz Kafka
16 Jun 2006, The Washington Post, Michael Kinsley

Tim Russert, Interviewed by Jack Blood and Questioned on 9/11, has "convenient phone troubles" when asked tough questions about 9/11
16 Jun 2006,

The Tripolar Chessboard: Putting Iran in Great Power Context
16 Jun 2006, TomDispatch, Michael T. Klare

Some Might Call It Treason: An Open Letter to Salon
16 Jun 2006, HuffingtonPost, Mark Crispin Miller

ACLU v. National Security Agency: Why the "State Secrets Privilege" Shouldn't Stop the Lawsuit Challenging Warrantless Telephone Surveillance of Americans
16 Jun 2006,,  John W. Dean

Americans don't want an empire
16 Jun 2006, Chicago Sun-Times, Andrew Greeley

9/11 and the Fictional War on Terrorism
16 Jun 2006,, William Hardiker

Michael Ruppert's Economic Forecast
15 Jun 2006, Global Public Media, with Jamey Hecht  (mp3)(ram)

15 Jun 2006, American Free Press, Christopher Bollyn

Playing Chess with Iran
15 Jun 2006, Tom1gram, Michael Klare 

Flying a Plane Into the World Trade Center? 
Why Not Fly Out of LaGuardia?
15 Jun 2006,, Jesse

Unquestioned Answers: Nonconspiracy theorist David Ray Griffin takes aim at the official 9-11 story
14-20 June 2006, Bohemian (North Bay Weekly), Steve Bhaerman

Anonymous email from an Airline Mechanic

Five Years of War on Terra 
15 Jun 2006,, Anwaar Hussain

GOP Measure Forces House Debate on War
Divisions Within Party Likely to Surface
15 Jun 2006, Washington Post, Jonathan Weisman

Save the Internet

"The New York Times puts 9-11 questions in the grave," not
14 Jun 2006, Online Journal, Jerry Mazza

A new and improved New Deal 
14 Jun 2006, The Seattle Times, E.J. Dionne

A Paper America in the Gasoline Breeze 
14 Jun 2006,, Joaquín Ramón Herrera 

Keeping Iraq's Oil In the Ground
14 Jun 2006,, Greg Palast

The "Armed Madhouse" of the Bush Regime 
of Greed, Fear, and Stolen Elections
13 Jun 2006,, Greg Palast

Where Are Our Heroes Today?
13 Jun 2006, The Crisis Papers, Ernest Partridge

Reality check
13 Jun 2006,, M. Kane Jeeves 

Image of U.S. falls again
13 Jun 2006, International Herald Tribune, Brian Knowlton

World sees US in Iraq bigger danger than Iran: poll
13 Jun 2006, Reuters, Saul Hudson 

Bush Administration Quietly Plans NAFTA Super Highway
12 Jun 2006, humaneventsonline, Jerome R. Corsi

6/19 Bunker Drills = Another 911? 
12 Jun 2006, Ghost Troop, Captain Eric May

War Criminal Nation: You'd Better Shut Up
11 Jun 2006,, Paul Craig Roberts

ZetaTalk: Continuity of Government
10 Jun 2006, GodlikeProduction Radio

Zarqawi: A Bogeyman Made by the US
10 Jun 2006,, Brendan O'Neill

Baghdad Burning
10 Jun 2006,

Bush administration marching America directly into fascism
10 Jun 2006,, Ed Tant

Terrorism Is a Tactic  (opinion)
10 Jun 2006,, Charley Reese

Federal government to conduct large scale anti-terror drill
10 Jun 2006, Washington Post, William M. Arkin

Iraqi Raises Questions on al-Zarqawi Death
10 Jun 2006, The Associated Press

Blown to Kingdom Come
9 Jun 2006, Ace Baker

Congress to hold hearings into OKC bombing
9 Jun 2006, worldnetdaily, J.D. Cash and Roger Charles

Overselling Terror
9 Jun 2006,, Robert Parry

Zarqawi: The Man and the Myth 
9 Jun 2006,, Justin Raimondo

Cash Rhymes With Crash
8 Jun 2006, pissedoffcabbie's blog

Neil Cavuto lied (again) about why the Dow fell today
8 Jun 2006,, News Hounds

Pentagon Jettisons U.S. Agent Provocateur Al-Zarqawi
Musab dies for the umpteenth time but this time its
for real says the US government!
8 Jun 2006, prisonplanet, Paul Joseph Watson

Oddities about Zarqawi's alleged death
8 Jun 2006, The News, Wayne Madsen

A New "Perle Harbor": Neocon Foreign Policy Architect 
Richard Perle reveals US War Plans in the Iranian Theater
7 Jun 2006,, Michael Carmichael

Perhaps Toronto 17 Not Terrorists At All
7 Jun 2006, Toronto Star

Mixed Media Reaction to Chicago Conference shows Progress
7 Jun 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson

FBI says, "No hard evidence connecting Bin Laden to 9/11"
6 Jun 2006, muckraker report, Ed Haas

Field commanders tell Pentagon Iraq war 'is lost'
5 Jun 2006, Capitol Hill Blue, Doug Thompson

9/11: Wild Conspiracies and Rational Concerns
5 Jun 2006, AlterNet, Joshua Holland

500 Conspiracy Buffs Meet to Seek the Truth of 9/11 
5 Jun 2006, New York Times, Alan Feuer

Is it crazy to think that Bush has betrayed democracy?
5 Jun 2006,, Bob Patterson

The Bushite Regime and the Collapse of Civilizations
5 Jun 2006, CommonDreams, Andrew Bard Schmookler

Framing Patsies in Toronto and London 
5 Jun 2006,, Theron Parlin, Kurt Nimmo, ed.

4 Jun 2006, Washington Post, William M. Arkin

Bush, the most hated president ever, stole both elections
4 Jun 2006,, Evelyn Pringle

RFK and Rolling Stone nail Ohio's stolen 2004 election, 
but much more must be done
3 Jun 2006,, Bob Fitrakis and Harvey Wasserman

No Justice in New Orleans
1 Jun 2006,, Margaret Kimberley

When Does Personal Responsibility Get Personal With this Guy?
1 Jun 2006,, Stephen Pizzo 

Absolutely Horrifying
1 Jun 2006,, Jennifer Barrett

Former CIA Analyst Says Iran Strike Set For June Or July
1 Jun 2006, Prison, Paul Joseph Watson

Was the 2004 Election Stolen?
1 Jun 2006, Rolling Stone, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

A state of emergency 
1 Jun 2006, The Guardian , Sidney Blumenthal

NIST in violation of the Data Quality Act 
31 May 2006,, Ed Haas

Osama Tape Appears Fake, Experts Conclude
30 May 2006, Yahoo news, Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Documentary Maker Seeks To Preserve 
Hundreds Of Hours Of 9/11 Video
30 May 2006, NY1 News

Swords into Plowshares
30 May 2006, The Crisis Papers, Ernest Partridge

Why It's Over For America 
30 May 2006, The Independent, UK, Noam Chomsky

High court trims whistleblower rights 
30 May 2006, Associated Press, Gina Holland   (MSNBC video)

The Four Fundamentalisms and the threat to sustainable democracy
30 May 2006, OpEdNews, Robert Jensen

The Evil Is in Our Government 
29 May 2006,, Paul Craig Roberts

Leo Strauss' Philosophy of Deception
28 May 2006,, Jim Lobe

Top 10 Signs of the Impending U.S. Police State
28 May 2006, Buffalo Beast, Allan Uthman

Opinion split over 9/11 report
28 May 2006, Times Hearld, Keith Phucas

Panel Requires Annual Disclosure of Intelligence Budget
28 May 2006, Washington Post, Walter Pincus

Is Daniel Hopsicker out to undermine 9/11 Truth?
26 May 2006, citizenspook

9/11 Truth? I Don't Think So  (opinion)
26 May 2006, Washington Post Blog, William M. Arkin

Business as Usual--9/11 and the Fall of America
26 May 2006, Online Journal, Jerry Mazza

9/11 Commission members invited to National 9/11 Debate
26 May 2006, muckrakerreport, Ed Haas 

An inside job? Letter to the Editor
25 May 2006,, Gary Swing 

The Flight 77 Circus
25 May 2006,, Ted Twietmeyer

Pentagon Videos a Fiasco, Scholars Conclude 
24 May 2006, PRWEB, Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Eavesdropping, Gagging, and the Constitution
24 May 2006,, Ray McGovern

About our poll of attitudes toward the 9/11 attack
24 May 2006, Zogby Special Feature

23 May 2006, (google video)  (mp4 180 MB)  (wmv 220 MB)

Are the Pentagon videos fabricated?
23 May 2006, Mark Sugrue and Russell Pickering

Is Another 9/11 in the Works?
23 May 2006, counterthink, Paul Craig Roberts 

Osama Bin Distractin 
23 May 2006, George Washington's Blog 

Warship built out of Twin Towers wreckage
22 May 2006, The London Times, Tom Baldwin

9/11 truth: Is it still out there?
Zogby poll shows 70% want new investigation
22 May 2006,

Zogby Poll: Over 70 Million American Adults Support New 9/11 Investigation  (PR)
22 May 2006, 9/, Michael Berger 

Crisis shortage poses crisis for White House!
22 May 2006,, Beth Quinn

When everything real is fake
22 May 2006,, Doug Giebel

The Administration That Won't Stop Lying
22 May 2006,, Paul Craig Roberts

Rice: Gitmo Full Of 'Dangerous People,'  Panel On Torture Also Says U.S. Should Avoid Using Secret Prisons
21 May 2006,, AP

Brian Ross: "It made me feel as if I were a drug dealer or terrorist"
21 May 2006,, Brian Ross (mov) (wmv)

What People Believe
20 May 2006,, Charley Reese

Durango woman sues Herald for 9/11 cover up
19 May 2006, Herald Staff Report

19 May 2006, georgewashington's blog

The Lie Lives On ... and On ... and On
19 May 2006,, Larry Beinhart

Pentagon hit by flying grilled cheese sandwich, video frames show
18 May 2006,, Mike Adams

Do We Need Protection by Bush, or From Him?
18 May 2006,, Margaret Carlson

One Step Closer to a Police State
18 May 2006, AlterNet, Joshua Holland

The missing facts in 'United 93',Frank Cecrle

Wreckage of the Bush administration
18 May 2006,, Molly Ivins

CNN Secretly Seeks Guests To Attack Charlie Sheen On 9/11
18 May 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

FBI Withholding 84 More Tapes of Pentagon on 9/11
17 May 2006,, Steve Watson

New Pentagon video shows no Boeing airliner
17 May 2006, Total 911 Info

This isn't Policy; its Barbarism
17 May 2006, informationclearinghouse, Mike Whitney

Power-Hungry Pentagon Needs to be Reined In
17 May 2006, Seattle Times, Floyd J. McKay

New Pentagon 9/11 video released
17 May 2006,, Monica Lloyd

Newly released Pentagon video is missing something
17 May 2006, muckrakerreport, Ed Haas 

9/11 Commission Report is a Lie
16 May 2006, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Richard Curtis

New Tape Stirs Up 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
16 May 2006, ABC News 

Defense Department Releases 9/11 Pentagon Video to Judicial Watch
16 May 2006, Judicial Watch

TV Networks to Show Footage Of Plane Hitting Pentagon
16 May 2006,

Release Of Pentagon Images Direct Assault On 9/11 Truth Movement
16 May 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

Judicial Watch to Obtain 9/11 Pentagon Video
16 May 2006,, Judicial Watch

Hijacking the truth on 9/11
15 May 2006,, Jonathan Gatehouse

USDA downplays seriousness of mad cow disease found in Alabama 
15 May 2006, newstarget, Mike Adams

Sacrifice Liberty For Security? Not Without a Fight 
15 May 2006,, Jay Bookman

Where Are Our Watergate Hearings? 
If Congress Won't Do It, Maybe There's Another Way
15 May 2006,, Andrew Bard Schmookler

NSA Thwarts Whistleblower
15 May 2006,, Leah A. Nelson

NSA spying on phone records of innocent Americans 
is only surprising to the uninformed masses
15 May 2006,,  Mike Adams

Saving the Internet is saving freedom
15 May 2006,, Doris Colmes

FBI Source Confirms ABC Report
on Monitoring of Reporters' Calls
15 May 2006,, E&P Staff

Federal Source to ABC News:  We Know Who You're Calling
15 May 2006, ABC News, Brian Ross and Richard Esposito

Former FAA Counter-Terror Expert Refuses to See United 93 
14 May 2006,, Bill Katovsky 

We're all terrorist suspects now
14 May 2006,, Eugene Robinson

Media hide truth: 9/11 was inside job 
13 May 2006, The Capital Times, Kevin Barrett 

The Hollywood Fantasy of Flight 93 
12 May 2006, American Free Press, Christopher Bollyn

Experts see new Diebold flaw
12 May 2006, Baltimore Sun, Stephanie Desmon

Hand Of Allah, (from a reader)

9/11 Opinion Lands Teacher in Hot Water.
12 May 2006, The Blog of Doom, reprehensor

The Spies who Shag Us
12 May 2006, buzzflash, Greg Palst

Vermont Greens' Historic Call: Impeach Bush,
Cheney for 9/11 Crimes, Election Theft
11 May 2006,

Roger Silverstein: "Think about it."
11 May 2006, email exchange with Roger Silverstein

Domestic spying inquiry killed
11 May 2006, CNN, AP

Bush says U.S. not 'trolling through personal lives'
11 May 2006, CNN

NSA has massive database of Americans' phone calls
11 May 2006, USA TODAY, Leslie Cauley

America, you lost! The Railroading of Zacarias Moussaoui
11 May 2006,, Ted Rall

More people are believing that the 'official' Sept. 11 explanation is more fiction than truth

The New 9-11 Psyche
10 May 2006, the Prospect, Terence Samuel

A Perfect Storm
9 May 2006,, Ernest Partridge, Co-Editor

The CIA, a Bush Family Fiefdom
9 May 2006, Consortium News, Robert Parry

Moussaoui asks to withdraw guilty plea
Recants testimony about 9/11 involvement
9 May 2006,, AP

Other Articles on Moussaoui

Empire Breeds the Emperor 
Bush's excesses and how to correct them 
8 May 2006,, Christopher Deliso 

Callers Respond to Moussaoui Verdict on CSpan 
8 May 2006,  (mp4, 13.5 MB)  (mp3, 5.6 MB)

How 911 Really Happened
7 May 2006,, Douglas Herman

Column: Actions We Can Take to Protect our Democracy
7 May 2006,, Bob Burnett

The Emperor's new clothes
7 May 2006,  commondreams, Christopher Brauchli

So Let's Say You Have Two Huge Aging Skyscrapers That Have An Asbestos Problem....
7 May  2006, covertoperations

EXECUTIVE AUTHORITY:  How Bush redefines the intent of the law
Instead of vetoing bills, he officially disregards portions with which he doesn't agree
7 May 2006, San Francisco Chronicle, Bob Egelko, Chronicle Staff Writer

"Come Out of the White House with Your Hands Up!"
6 May 2006, Morgan Reynolds at the University of Wisconsin

Moussaoui Trial Not Likely to Be the Norm
6 May 2006, Associated Press,  Michael J. Sniffen and Matthew Barakat 

Telling the Emperor he's naked
6 May 2006, Berkeley Daily Planet, Becky O'Malley

Mandate for ID Meets Resistance From States
6 May 2006, New York Times, Pam Belluck

Stephen Colbert: The mouth that roared
5 May 2006,, Ed Naha

Larry Johnson on Goss
5 May 2006,, Laura Rozen

Goss Resignation Is Complete Shock To Defense Dept., Fueling Speculation Over Backstory 
5 May 2006, CNN, Jamie McIntyre

Straight Talk on Moussaoui Verdict
5 May 2006,, Ed Haas

Universal Admits Defeat, Removes Flight 93 Forum
Crescendo of dissent on official fairy tail leads to wiping of website
4 May 2006, Prison, Paul Joseph Watson 

This entire Moussaoui trial was a side show!
4 May 200,, Michael Isikoff  (wmv) (mov) 5MB

Why are we not holding our own government accountable?
4 May 200,, Krisiten Breitweiser and Joe Biden
Part 1  (wmv) (mov),  Part 2  (wmv) (mov)  3.3 MB

The Salvador Option has been invoked in Iraq
4 May 2006,, John Pilger 

Why won't the government try the real criminals of 9/11?
3 May 2006, Attytood Daily News, Will Bunch
Film Review: "Everybody's Gotta Learn Sometime" 
3 May 2006, crisisinamerica, 911blogger,  trailer (mov 53MB), 
full video  (mp4 377MB) (wmv 116MB), Google Video (link)

Beating About The Bush? Not With Hersh
3 May 2006, "The Indepedent", Robert Fisk

Why should you care about this?
3 May 2006,, Stephen P. Pizzo

Colbert roasts Bush in hellfire of his own making
3 May 2006,, Charles M. Ashley

Energy crisis - Our leaders treat us as kids
3 May 2006, The Providence Journal, Froma Harrop

Stephen Colbert's Bilstering Performance
3 May 2006, Democracy Now, Amy Goodman  (mp3) (stream)

Administration Conducting Research into Laser Weapon
3 May 2006, New York Times, William J. Broad

Our monarch, above the law
2 May 2006, Boston Globe, Scot Lehigh

The inspiration of George Bush
2 May 2006,, Arianna Huffington

Even More on 9/11 and Fortuitous Events 
2 May 2006, rense, Karl W B Schwarz

Feds Go All Out to Kill Spy Suit
2 May 2006, wirednews, Ryan Singel

Government Drafts Pandemic Flu Plan
2 May 2006,, Nidra Pickler

What Ails Us?
2 May 2006,, Joel Bleifuss

Endgame for the Constitution
2 May 2006,, Paul Craig Roberts

Professor Says 'Cutter Charges' Brought Down WTC Buildings
1 May 2006,, Christopher Bollyn

"MSNBC: Plame Leak Hurt U.S. Ability to Spy on Iran Nukes!" (wmv-video) Sources Confirm White House Outing of Covert Operative Damaged National Security 
1 May 2006, Blogged by David Edwards 

Depleted Uranium - Far Worse Than 9/11
1 May 2006, informationclearinghouse, Douglas Westerman 

Keep your eye off the ball
30 Apr 2006,, Ed Naha (M. Kane Jeeves )

Bush Team Imposes Thick Veil of Secrecy
30 Apr 2006, Chicago Tribune, Mark Silva

"Flight 93" the movie, why?
1 May 2006,, Jerry Mazza

Gary Bell From AM640 Toronto Discusses 9/11
30 Apr 2006, AM640 Toronto Radio,  (mp3)

A Fork in the American Road
30 Apr 2006,, Ben Tripp

Ashamed of the stars and stripes? It could happen
30 Apr 2006,, David Benjamin

THE PARADIGM IS THE ENEMY: The State of the Peak Oil Movement at the Cusp of Collapse 
A Speech by Michael C. Ruppert for the Local Solutions to the Energy Dilemma Conference
27-29 Apr 2006,  New York City, at Cooper Union
Bush challenges hundreds of laws:
President cites powers of his office
30 Apr 2006, The Boston Globe, Charlie Savage

Colbert Does the White House Correspondents' dinner:
29 Apr 2006,, Stephen Colbert  (wmv 9.3MB) (mov 26MB) (youtube)

Carl Herman Teaches 9/11 in High School History
29 Apr 2006,, Carl Herman

A Critique of the Complete Official Version of the South Tower Hit 
29 Apr 2006,

"Let's Impeach the President for Lying"....... 
"Let's Impeach the President for Spying" 
28 Apr 2006, Living with War, Neil Young  (audio) (link)

Protection Racket
28 Apr 2006, georgewashington's blog

Did Flight 93 really happen as We were Told? 
28 Apr 2006,, ABA

9/11 cover up?
28 Apr 2006,, Joshua Holland 

"False Flagg" op called Rosetta Stone of 9/11
28 Apr 2006, Online Journal, Jerry Mazza

Construction Begins at Ground Zero 
28 Apr 2006, Yahoo News, Amy Westfeldt

Taking the President to court
28 Apr, 2006,, John Conyers

Bush's Imperial Presidency
28 Apr 2006,, Jim Hightower

CNN Cover's 9/11 Skeptics and Misrepresents 
28 Apr 2006,  (mov, 5.2MB) (mp4, 2.3MB)

Conspiracy Film Rewrites Sept. 11
28 Apr 2006, USA TODAY, William M. Welch

Protection Racket
28 Apr 2006, georgewashington's blog

Living with War
27 Apr 2006, CNN interview, Neil Young

Many questions linger
27 Apr 2006,, Will Bunch

Citizens are out front on impeachment 
27 Apr, 2006, The Capitol Times, John Nichols

Truth Ministry 
27 Apr 2006, georgewashington's blog 

The Hidden History of 9/11, Paul Zarembka, editor
Elsevier, Research in Political Economy, 2006

Mushroom Cloud over Nevada scheduled for June 2, 2006 
26 Apr 2006, realhistoryblog, Lise Pease

The anti-'Farenheit 9/11' Local Film
26 Apr 2006,, Paul F. P. Pogue

Questions that "United 93" can't answer
26 Apr 2006, Philadelphia Daily News, Will Bunch

Is our democracy sleepwalking into a nightmare?
26 Apr 2006, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, Gene Lyons

U.S. seeks to keep evidence from 9/11 families 
26 Apr 2006, CNN, Phil Hirschkorn

The Long War posture
26 Apr 2006,, Gregory D. Foster

Former Senator Bob Graham:  Iran strike could spark WWIII
26 Apr 2006,, Kenneth R. Timmerman

9/11, American Empire, and Christian Faith
25 Apr 2006,  Dr. David Ray Griffin, Speech Transcript 
9/11, American Empire, and Christian Faith - Part 1  (pdf 1)
9/11, American Empire, and Christian Faith - Part 2  (pdf 2)

Tehran insider tells of US black ops
25 Apr 2006, Asia Times Online, Special Correspondent

Living With War:  Fake bin Laden tapes, terrorist bombings in Egypt desperate lunge by global architects to promote 'war on terror' hoax
25 Apr 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson

Roadmap for Disaster Struggle for Resources
24 Apr 2006,, Rick Siegel

Thermite Identified as Culprit of WTC Collapse
24 Apr 2005, Prison, Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones

Commentary:  "Shoe Bomber" shooed away from Moussaoui trial
24 Apr 2006, Online Journal, Jerry Mazza

Been there, done that: Talk of a US strike on Iran eerily reminiscent of the run-up to the Iraq war.
23 Apr 2006, Los Angeles Times, Zbigniew Brzezinski

Huge problems hover over launching any war against Iran
23 Apr 2006, Franklin's Focus, Richard Franklin

A Spy Speaks Out on FAKED Weapons of Mass Destruction!
23 Apr 2006, '60 Minutes' interview with former CIA official 

Conspiracy theory
23 Apr 2006, Anniston Star 

Ex-U.S. attorney arraigned in 9/11 case: accused of misleading jury
22 Apr 2006, DetroitFreePress, David Ashenfelter

If Past Is Prologue, George Bush Is Becoming An Increasingly Dangerous President
22 Apr 2006, FindLaw, John W. Dean

Tide turns on Dubya's wreck
22 Apr 2006, sydney morning herald, Mike Carlton

Iran-Israel linkage by Bush seen as Threat:
Jewish leaders warn of backlash
21 Apr 2006, The Jewish Week, James D. Besser And Larry Cohler-Esses

Letter to the Editor: 9/11 conspiracy making sense
21 Apr 2006,

Scholars Call Moussaoui Trial a "Charade;" See Constitutional Rights on Trial;  Describe Accused as Patsy 
21 Apr 2006,

Former German Minister Says Building 7 Used To Run 9/11 Attack Guide the planes in, then destroy the crime scene...
21 Apr 2006, Prison, Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones    (mp3)

CIA cans agent over leak to media
21 April 2006, from Pam Benson, CNN

They Wouldn't Do That
20 Apr 2006, George Washington's Blog

'Real 20th hijacker' is being held at Guantanamo
20 Apr 2006,, Jenny Booth

Three Stage Terror Drill to Take Place in Chicago, May 2,3,4, 2006 
20 Apr 2006, The Lone Lantern Society, Chicago, IL, Gary Franchi

Chronicle Forced To Issue Retraction On 9/11 Hit Piece
20 Apr 2006, Prison, Paul Joseph Watson

Chips down, Bush prepares a Hail Mary bet
19 Apr 2006, San Francisco Chronicle, Mark Morford

Chronicle Hit Piece Says "Whole Country" Saw Plane Hit Pentagon! Erm, no it didn't!
19 Apr 2006, Prison, Paul Joseph Watson

Story Today Wednesday April 19 2006 
19 Apr 2006,, terbo ted from san francisco

9/11 Addiction
19 April 2006, George Washington's blog

Campaign to Reinforce the Official Story of UA93: Deconstructing a False-Flag Operation,
19 April 2006,, by Culhavoc

The Truth About 9/11 Conspiracy Theories
19 April 2006, San Francisco Chronicle , Cinnamon Stillwell

No Chance of Truth in WTC-7 Investigation
19 Apr 2006, muckraker report, Ed Haas

President Bush now caught in the tangled web of deception he spun
18 Apr 2006,, Bill Gallagher

Trouble Ahead, Trouble Behind
17 April 2006, pissedoffcabbie

Charlie Sheen Says Media Complicit In 9/11 Cover-Up
17 Apr 2006, Prison, Paul Joseph Watson & Alex Jones

Charlie Sheen Courageously Challenges 9/11 Orthodoxy On National TV
15 Apr 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones 

Photos from the Front

The Judicial Hijacking of the 9-11 Victim Lawsuits
15 Apr 2006, American Free Press, Christopher Bollyn 

"Painwashing" the Moussaoui jury and us
14 Apr 2006,, Jerry Mazza

Beyond Impeachment
14 April 2006, pissedoffcabbie

Village Voice Shakeup: Top Investigative Journalist Fired, Prize-Winning Writers Resign Following Merger with New Times Media 
13 Apr 2003,

US on par with Nazi Germany, says RAF officer in Iraq trial 
13 Apr 2006, The Guardian, Richard Norton-Taylor

Mr. Bush, We know what you did that summer!  September 11th, 2001
11 Apr 2006,, Jesse

9/11: The Ultimate WMD
10 Apr 2006,, W. David Jenkins III

Do Justice
10 Apr 2006, georgewashington.blogspot

Gen. Pace to Troops: Don't Nuke Iran 
Illegal, immoral orders should be disobeyed 
10 Mar 2006, Jorge Hirsch 

SOS over Iraqi academic assassinations
10 Apr 2006,, Ahmed Janabi 

Climate Change Shattering Marine Food Chain
10 Apr 2006,

Physicist says heat substance felled WTC
10 Apr 2006, Deseret Morning News

Bush and Cheney Discussed Plame Prior to Leak
10 Apr 2006,, Jason Leopold

Prosecutors Introduce Gruesome 9/11 Photos
10 Apr 2006, Associated Press, Matthew Barakat

The Iran Plans
10 Apr 2006, The New Yorker, Seymour Hersh

Making The McWorld In Our Image
9 April 2006, pissedoffcabbie

Iraq Findings Leaked by Cheney's Aide Were Disputed
9 Apr 2006, The New York Times, David E. Sanger and David Barstow

Real Men Stand Up to Fascists 
9 Apr 2006,

U.S. Air Force Hackers Caught in Their Tracks by 
7 Apr 2006,

Rudy Giuliani slavering witness for Moussaoui prosecution
7 Apr 2006,, Jerry Mazza commentary

White House Tries to Quell Anger Over Leak Claim
7 Apr 2006, The New York Times, David Stout 

Former Head Of Star Wars Program Says Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect
4 Apr 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones

About the Chair of the 9/11 Commission, Four Looks at The Thomas Kean Affair
4 Apr 2006,  By Bob Dacy

Former Head of Star Wars Program says Cheney Main 9/11 Suspect
4 Apr 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson and Alex Jones

9/11:  A 7-Man Job
4 Apr 2006,

Asinine Assertions from the 9/11 Debunkers
4 Apr 2006, pissedoffcabbie

Bush preps for historic Third Term 
(Editor's note:  This may be meant as an April Fool's Day joke, but there is too much truth here to ignore it.)
1 Apr 2006,, Thomas C. Greene

Why bother?
31 Mar 2006,, Jon Carroll

Uptown slaying victim's family thanks supporters Police continue their search for the two males involved in the shooting of Michael Zebuhr
31 Mar 2006, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Chao Xiong

Bush wanted war
30 Mar 2006,, Robert Cohen

David Ray Griffin: Theologian scoffed, then looked closer 
30 Mar 2006, San Francisco Chronicle

system breakdown 
29 Mar 2006, the Wire NH, Larry Clow
5 Apr 2006, Letters in response
9/11 -- Eliminating the Impossible
29 Mar 2006,, Sheila Samples

Long Live The 9/11 Conspiracy!
29 Mar 2006, SF Gate Columnist, Mark Morford

Ed Asner Speaks Out about 9/11
29 Mar 2006, Greg Szymanski

Michael Zebuhr Investigation
29 Mar 2006, James H. Fetzer

system breakdown 
29 Mar 2006, the Wire NH, Larry Clow
5 Apr 2006, Letters in response

CNN Reports Overwhelming Response to 9/11 Story, Airs More Questions
(with multiple links)

System breakdown
29 Mar 2006, WIRE, Larry Clow

Lookin' for the 911 Truth:  9/11 Cover-up is National News
28 Mar 2006, By 911wasInsideJob

Moussaoui Now Ties Himself to 9/11 Plot
28 Mar 2006, The New York Times, Neil A. Lewis

Washington Journal with Amy Goodman on 9/11
26 Mar 2006, C-SPAN (video)

The '9/11 Truth Movement' raises questions about 9/11 attacks
26 Mar 2006, American Chronicle, Steve Hammons

Form letters tell 9/11 families of 911 calls
26 Mar 2006,

The Word at War:  Just don't call it "propaganda"
26 Mar 2006,, Lynne Duke

Student Member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth Shot Dead
25 Mar 2006,

Whistle blower leaks UK plans for Iran
25 Mar 2006,

24 Mar 2006,

Was a student member of S9/11T murdered?
24 Mar 2006,, discussion thread

Showbiz Tonight with Alex Jones (again)
24 Mar 2006, CNN (video download)

9/11 & Bush's "Negligence"
24 Mar 2006,, Robert Parry

Huge Contradictions in Official Theories on 9/11 Crash at Pentagon
24 Mar 2006, 

9/11 and Structural Engineers 
23 Mar 2006, Daily Kos, ProgressiveDemocrat

Conservatives for 9/11 Truth
By 911wasInsideJob

Showbiz Tonight with Alex Jones 
23 Mar 2006, CNN

MSM Attacks Charlie Sheen Over 9/11 Comments
23 Mar 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson

Dam Breaking for 9/11 Truth - Alex Jones, Webster Tarpley, Charlie Sheen hit the Mainstream 
22 Mar 2006,, John Leonard 

Showbiz Tonight on 9/11
22 Mar 2006, CNN

The Ground Zero Grassy Knoll
New York Magazine, Mark Jacobson

Fly Into a Building?  Who Could Imagine?
22 Mar 2006, The New York Times, Maureen Doud

Bush continues to deal in denial
22 Mar 2006, San Franciso Chronicle, Robert Scheer

NIST's absence of interest in WTC-7
21 Mar 2006, Muckraker Report, Ed Haas

Anti-Semitism and 9/11 
21 Mar 2006, Daily Kos, ProgressiveDemocrat

Why Larry Silverstein can't get it up
21 Mar 2006, online journal, Jerry Mazza

Academics blast Israeli Lobby
20 Mar 2006, UPI

Bush Didn't Bungle Iraq, You Fools
20 Mar 2006, The Guardian, Greg Palst

Landmark Implosion Looks Like WTC2 Collapse
20 Mar 2006,, Paul Joseph Watson

Actor Charlie Sheen Questions Official 9/11 Story
20 Mar 2006,, Alex Jones & Paul Joseph Watson

19 Mar 2006, The New York Times, Paul D. Eaton

A Collapsing Presidency
19 Mar 2006,, Paul Craig Roberts

Pakistan bribed 9/11 commission
19 Mar 2006,

Nutty Conspiracy Theory
18 Mar 2006, George Washington's blog

Breaking News and Commentary
18 March 2006, Citizens for Legitimate Government

Pentagon "hedge" strategy targets China
17 Mar 2006, The Washington Times, Bill Gertz

What Really Hit The Pentagon?
16 Mar 2006,

Is Another 9/11 in the Works? 
16 Mar 2006, Paul Craig Roberts

Is the American Press still Free?
15 Mar 2006,

Scholars for 9/11 Truth Press Conference: Alexandria 
15 Mar 2006, WING TV, Victor Thorn and Lisa Guliani

Moussaoui takes the fall for 9/11
14 Mar 2006, Jerry Mazza

What's the root cause of Bush's lousy poll numbers?
13 Mar 200, Muckraker Report, Ed Haas

Don't Whine, Grow a Spine!
13 Mar 2006, George Washington's Blog

Scholars Question Cheney's Role in 9/11 
13 Mar 2006, Yahoo! News

Scholars for 9/11 Truth Petition
13 Mar 2006, Michael Collins Piper (audio)

Don't allow the crackpots to take over 9/11
12 Mar 2006,, Christopher J. Stephens

Time for the true story about 9/11 
11 Mar 2006, opednews, Matthew Hine

Warmongers prepared to face the facts and admit they were wrong
9 Mar 2006, The Independent, Rupert Cornwell

The Legend of United Flight 93
8 Mar 2006, Common Dreams, Ted Rall

Conservatives Are Jumping Ship: Bush Is Going Down
7 Mar 2006, The Crisis Papers, Bernard Weiner

U.S. endorsed Iranian plans to build massive nuclear energy industry: Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Wolfowitz fostered nuclear program in Iran
6 Mar 2006, Muckraker Report, Ed Haas

America Anesthetized
5 Mar 2006,, Alex Sabbeth

Congressman Kucinich Says Bush Let 9/11 Happen 
3 Mar 2006,, Dennis Kucinich

Forget Everything you Think you Know: See for Yourself
3 Mar 2006, Daily Kos, Progressive Democrat

Editor calls on Library of Congres to reclassify THE 9/11 COMMISSION REPORT as "fiction"
3 Mar 2006, Muckraker Report, Ed Haas

Experts Call for Release of 9/11 Evidence
1 Mar 06, Yahoo! News

Pillar to press: Don't get fooled again
27 Feb 2006, Paul R. Pillar

Judicial Watch sues DoD for Videos of Pentagon Attack
26 Feb 2006, 9/11 Citizens Watch

Bush, Rats & a Sinking Ship
25 Feb 2006,, Robert Parry

Corporate Control of Ports is the Problem
23 Feb 2006, The Nation, John Nichols

World Trade Center Building 7 demands tenacious public scrutiny 
23 Feb 2006, The Muckraker Report, Ed Haas

The birth and life of the "9-11 Truth movement"
21 Feb 2006, by Jarrett Murphy, Village Voice

Sept. 11 Toxic Heart Shock
19 Feb 2006,

A Half-Dozen Questions About 9/11 They Don't Want You to Ask
18-19 Feb 2006, Counterpunch

Sept. 11 theorizing professor speaks out
17 Feb 2006, Daily Herald

A surge in whistle-blowing ... and reprisals
16 Feb 2006, By Gail Russell Chaddock

Bin Laden tapes are as phony as Sept. 11's connection to Islam
14 Feb 2005, The Capital Times, Kevin Barrett

Outsmart the Bad Guys
12 Feb 06, George Washington's Blog

Counterthink roundup: Wiretapping terrorists, iPod idiocy, and Google vs. Washington (satire)
6 Feb 2006,, Mike Adams

Paul Craig Roberts / Who will save America?
6 Feb 2006, Counterpunch

How Did the WTC Towers Drop so Easily?
4 Feb 2006, News Focus

Supporting the President
2 Feb 2006, George Washington's Blog

Questions remain from 9/11 report, professor says
2 Feb 2006, Daily Herald

9/11 Attacks: Avoiding the Hard Questions
1 Feb 2006, Miami Herald

Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax
30 Jan 2006, Yahoo News story
30 Jan 2006, Daily Kos (with a rolling forum)

Deseret Morning News reports on Scholars for 9/11 Truth:
28 Jan 2006, Deseret Morning News

Scholars Repudiate Official Version of 9/11 
27 Jan 2006, Daily Kos (with a poll)
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