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Signour Petition to Congress

Petition to Investigate Oddities Involving 9/11Terrorist Attacks
Lori Price, Citizens For Legitimate Government

No More Stonewalling from the BBC about WTC-7

Senior Military, Intelligence, and GovernmentOfficials Question 9/11 Commission Report

9/11Statement Signed by 100 Prominent Americans
26 Oct 2004,, Fred Burks

100 Professors Question 9/11

Why Doubt 9/11? ( Russian translation )

The destruction of the South Tower (video)

Experts Claim Official 9/11 Story is a Hoax

"Top 4 'Unanswered Questions' about the Events of 9/11"

"Pandora's Black Box:  Chapter Two" (video)

9/11 Mysteries - Demolitions" (google video)

9/11: A Conversation with Jim Fetzer (video)

C-SPAN BOOK-TV: "9/11 and American Empire"
24-25 November 2006 broadcasts (google video)

Investment Banker Karl Schwartz lays it out

NetherlandsTV 9/11 Coverage
1 September 2006, Twee Vandaag

The Era of9/11 Denial Is Over

David Ray Griffin in Washington, D.C. (video)

Third Tower Collapse
47-story World Trade Center Building 7 was not hit by any aircraft


Replay a few times and notice:

  • The roofs dips inward
  • Explosions are visible running up on the right side
  • Explosions are visible in the front
  • Simultaneous symmetrical collapse (all joints fail atthe same time)
  • Falls at free-fall speed
  • Falls into its own footprint without damagingsurrounding buildings

Learn more about WorldTrade Center 7

WhyIndeed Did the WTC Buildings Collapse?
by Steven E. Jones, Ph.D.

IntersectingFacts and Theories on 9/11
by Joe Firmage

LooseChange 2nd edition RECUT (video)

Did Building 7Commit Suicide?

  A Refutationof the Official Collapse Theory
by Judy Wood, Ph.D.

"9/11Revisited: Were explosives used?"

Dr. James Fetzer: Did Classified Weaponry Destroy theTwin Towers?

Top 10 Reasons the Hijackers are Fake
Jim Fetzer


HowConspiracy Theories Work, Marshall Brain

Simple Physics Reveals The Big Lie

forwarded by Nila Sagadevan

The Destruction of the South Tower (video)

The Destruction of the North Tower (video)

WhatWe Saw on 11 September 2001 (video)

"TheDestruction of the World Trade Center:
Why the Official Account Cannot Be True"

David Ray Griffin, Ph.D.

DavidRay Griffin's Madison 9/11 Lecture

Towers'Design Parameters
Twin Towers' Designers Anticipated Jet Impacts Like September 11th's

9 - 1 1 R e s e a r c h

BigLies:  From JFK to 9/11
The Carp (Spring 2006), Jim Fetzer

MITEngineer Explains WTC Controlled Demolition
Google Video

The 1975World Trade Center Fire

"911 Eyewitness"(video)

"The New Pearl Harbor"
Professor David Griffin 911 Speech

AFolklorist Looks at 9/11 "Conspiracy Theories"
Kevin Barrett (video)

SeismicProof: 9/11 was an Inside Job
Craig T. Furlong and Gordon Ross,Member, Scholars for 9/11 Truth

Video: Thermate at WTC
Steve Jones

Simple Mathdemonstrates the Official 9/11 Account is a Fabrication
29 Apr 2005, Global Research, Elias Davidsson

ProfessorSteve Jones' Utah Seminar on video

Flashlecture on 9/11 by James H. Fetzer
YouTube Video

Blownto Kingdom Come
Ace Baker

Improbable Collapse (video): Scientific Evidene forthe Demolition of the WTC

9/11:Should the Truth be Revealed or Concealed?
14 September 2006, Copenhagen, David Ray Griffin (video)

Bush'sOdd Behavior on 9/11
The Great Conspiracy, Barry Zwicker

Terror Storm with Alex Jones (video)

Friends of the American Revolution (blog)

Killtown's "9/11 Coincidences and Oddities Page!"

Architecht Richard Gage outlines the case for controlled demolition

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